Hiring our Heroes

February 4, 2016

Station KXAN, Austin, Texas, Jan 27, 2016

AUSTIN (KXAN) — There are nearly 40,000 veterans in the city of Austin alone. Now that they’re home, those men and women in Central Texas are having a hard time finding employment after serving.

An event called “Hiring Our Heroes” is looking to change that, offering a free job fair in Austin on Wednesday to veterans and their spouses.

“Employers love to hire veterans, if they can find good ones. They find they are loyal, they are collaborative, that they know how to lead, that they are reliable, they will deliver a job well done — so there is a lot of value to add when you’re hiring a veteran,” said Drew Scheberle, Senior Vice President of the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

We applaud efforts like these to hire our veterans and we believe that it is just as important that Employers focus on retention and engagement to enable Veteran success. At Belkat we specialize in teaching Employers how to most effectively interact with Veteran staff. Let’s all work together to keep them productive and engaged. Call us for further information!


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