Veteran Resource – Central Oregon Veterans Ranch

November 25, 2016

Recently I had the privilege of touring the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch. This is a ranch that is located outside of Bend, Oregon. The ranch supports Veterans in many ways that include offering a safe space and camaraderie that they may not be able to find in their daily environment. From the moment I arrived at the ranch there was a sense of openness, space and peace. A house on the ranch will offer five Veterans who are at the end of life a place to get care and support. I learned about the many projects that are underway including bee keeping. There are five hives on the ranch, each one named for a branch of the military. At the time of my visit, the Marine hive was producing the most honey! Alison Perry MS, LPC is the founder of the ranch and it has been inspiring to watch her actualize her vision. BelKat Solutions is a supporter of the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch. To learn more about the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch, visit their website at Submitted by Linda

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