Bridging the Divide Between Military and Civilians

November 22, 2015

Howard Schultz, Starbucks Chairman and CEO, gets it. In a recent conference with leaders in Seattle, he stated “I don’t think we’ve ever lived through a situation where the American people have been so disconnected from the military, their families and the unbelievable sacrifice they have pursued on our behalf. The question for all of us now is how do we bridge the divide between the military and civilians? That is the challenge of the day.” Even though ‪#‎Starbucks‬ has committed to hiring Veterans and their spouses, it claims the company “can do more to bridge the divide between military and civilian populations”.
BelKat’s program, Supporting Veterans in the Workplace, provides a solution to companies and institutions who make this pledge to provide leadership the knowledge, skills, and tools to help bridge this gap! ‪#‎starbucksgetsit‬ ‪#‎hireveterans‬ ‪#‎veterantransition‬

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