Solutions for Supporting Veteran’s Success

With the large number of Veterans returning home due to downsizing from recent military conflicts, many are transitioning to civilian life and work. There is a unified effort across the country to attract Veterans back to the civilian workforce.

Consequently, organizations, schools, and communities are increasingly interacting with, and making commitments to support Veterans as they re-integrate into civilian life. As a society, however, statistics through unemployment rates, criminal records, and suicide rates show that we have a lot to learn. Simply making the commitment isn’t enough.

BelKat Solutions can better support your commitment to our Veterans!

“Employers report that Veteran employees display more purpose and direction in their professional trajectories compared to non-veteran workers. VetAdvisor/IVMS study 2014”

“With more than 200,000 service members transitioning from active duty each year, employers must re-double efforts to make Veterans’ transitions to civilian careers smoother. Ross Brown, Director of Military and Veterans Affairs, JPMorgan Chase & Co., a founding company of the Veteran Jobs Mission;”

Hiring Veterans

Has your organization committed to hiring Veterans?

The returning Veteran is a unique person with skills and qualities, yet most Veterans face challenges upon their return to the civilian workforce. Understanding more about these workers, the military culture they were exposed to, the conditions they faced while on active duty, and the challenges they face upon their return helps you realize and utilize the benefits this diverse demographic brings to your organization.

Is your organization ready? BelKat’s course prepares your Leaders to successfully manage, engage, develop and retain this emerging and growing group of workers.

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Fostering Education

Has your educational institution committed to fostering education for our returning Veterans?

A growing number of transitioning service members are enrolling in America’s colleges and universities as they pursue their education and employment goals. Institutions offering degree, certificate or license programs have a responsibility to ensure that Veterans are not only enrolled, but successfully complete these programs. To support this effort, many government guidelines have been created for educational institutions to follow. If you have been, or are interested in becoming recognized as a Principles of Excellence school, and/or have affirmed support for the 8 Keys to Veterans’ Success you understand this commitment and responsibility.

Is your organization prepared to effectively guide Veterans through their educational journey? BelKat’s course prepares your faculty and those that service Veterans to be successful and supports your commitment to be compliant for continued government funding.

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Guidance for Veteran success

Would you like guidance in your commitment to ensuring Veteran’s success?

Belkat Solutions helps organizations seeking to support Veterans transition into civilian life. We have consultants with expertise in Business, Human Resources, Veteran Affairs, and Human Development, Coaching and Counseling to train and guide organizations as they integrate this diverse demographic into their culture, as well as ensure compliance with legal and social commitments.

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